Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lunch at South Indies @ Indiranagar, Bangalore

It was the occasion of my friend-cum-colleague giving his farewell treat to us, when we all decided to try out the lunch buffet in South Indies @ Indiranagar (100 Ft Road). Without doing much of RnD on the Internet we went there to try out the food.

We found it to be an exclusive South Indian restaurant with western touch to its ambiance. It is good for people who love south Indian foods and for people who are yet to tickle their taste buds with the taste of south Indian delicacies. They serve only Vegetarian Foods.... bad news for all Non-Veg Lovers like me ;-).

The ambiance is very nice. You have the option of sitting inside the glass rooms or in their courtyard in open air. I was surprised so see a huge rush of people crowding the place (1300 hours). Many of them were foreigners.

The food is well prepared, but I felt they lack variety. You will have very few option between dishes. Having said this, I felt that the price of buffet (Rs. 175/- per person) is slightly overpriced, Rs 125/- would be a fair amount. I guess they charge it more because of nice ambiance and service. They would serve the food in designer plates.

Buffet Items were:
1. Plain Boilded Rice (White Rice)
2. Drumstick Sambar
3. Cucumber Curry (hot)
4. Coconut Stew
5. Uthappam (Keralian Dosa)
6. Parota
7. Lemon Rice
8. Rasam
9. Curd, Pickles, Spicy Pudi (powder), etc
10. Rice Payasam (Rice Custard / Kheer)
11. Ice-creams
(I hope i didnt miss out any item)

They also have serve-on-demand basis service, where you can order any dish of your choice from the menu. The service is very good and response time is impressive.

I also noticed them taking orders on PDA's instead of conventional paper pads - which is similar to any STAR restaurants in modern days.

After googling a bit, I found their website : http://www.thesouthindies.com/

I also found Blog about the restaurant in my friend Thejesh's website with photos: http://www.eventsbangalore.net/2007/05/21/south-indies-good-south-indian-resturant/

Overall Rating : 3.5/5 (3.5 out of 5)
1. Good Ambiance 2. Good Service 3. Well Prepared Food
1. Less Variety 2. Only Vegetarian Food 3. A bit overpriced.
South Indies phone numbers are 4163 6361 or 4163 6363

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