Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson: Gone too Soon !!!

Many of us grew up listening to MJ's music. I could remember the first english song I listened was from MJ's Off The Wall album and that is how my apetite for western music have grown. I still remember the craze for performing "moonwalk" in the school.

I can still recollect how many days I saved my pocket money for tiffin and bought his cassette album (those were days without internet and mp3). In fact it took me two months to wait and buy the History album. Still today I own all of those cassettes, but unfortunately I dont have any cassette player working anymore. For listening now, I have the CDs and MP3s instead.

For many MJ's song are loud and hard for ears, but there are some soft numbers like "Gone too Soon", "I Just Can Stop Loving You", "Liberean Girl" etc ... these are few melodious numbers that really touch everyone's heart.

The beats and rhythm of "Billy Jean", "Beat It", "Thriller", "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'", "Remember the Time" are equally good and will always put you in good mood to dance.
I love the bass thump in "Stranger in Moscow" and the picturization - extreme slow motion shot. Simply awesome.

The voice of MJ was distinct among many famous singers, and one could see it in the song "We are the world - USA for Africa". The music composition and style have influenced many indian music composers and actors. MJ was/is/will remain a LEGEND always!

Long live MJ's music!

May MJ's soul R.I.P. !!!

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Anonymous said...

"Rock with you" is an another one MJ's good melody which I like most and indeed, he is the best for all time. :)